Guide to Prompt Engineering

Guide to Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is an emerging field dedicated to creating and optimizing prompts for the effective use of Large Language Models in various applications and research areas. Skills in this domain help deepen understanding of the potential and constraints of Large Language Models.

The field of prompt engineering enhances the performance of Large Language Models in diverse tasks, including answering questions and performing arithmetic reasoning. Developers employ prompt engineering to devise solid and efficient prompting methods that work in conjunction with Large Language Models and other tools.

However, prompt engineering goes beyond just creating and refining prompts. It involves a broad spectrum of skills and techniques essential for interacting with and developing Large Language Models. It's a crucial skill set for interfacing, building, and comprehending the capabilities of Large Language Models. Prompt engineering can be used to increase the safety of Large Language Models, introduce new functionalities like enriching Large Language Models with domain-specific knowledge, and integrating them with external tools.

Recognizing the growing interest in Large Language Model development, we've put together this comprehensive guide to prompt engineering. This resource includes the most recent research papers, instructional guides, models, lectures, references, newly introduced Large Language Model capabilities, and tools related to prompt engineering.


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