Bloomberg is Hiring GPT Experts with Salaries of $295k+

Bloomberg is Hiring GPT Experts with Salaries of $295k+

The demand for Chat-GPT expertise in the financial services sector is surging, as Bloomberg initiates hiring for its Large Language Model (LLM), Bloomberg GPT. The company is looking for a technical product manager and an applied LLM researcher for its CTO office.

Both roles offer competitive salaries, with the product manager earning up to $295k and the researcher earning up to $330k. However, these salaries aren't as high as those offered by other firms in the same field. For instance, San Francisco-based research firm, Anthropic, has increased its salary range for certain roles up to $375k and $450k respectively.

The product manager at Bloomberg will be responsible for the technical strategy for large model training and serving. On the other hand, the researcher will work on strategic research to revolutionize how engineers write code.

The demand for this expertise is increasing, as highlighted by Goldman Sachs' CEO, Marco Argenti. He mentioned a growing talent shortage for people familiar with the latest LLMs and transformers. Goldman Sachs also aims to leverage LLMs for code generation.

Does the Future Belong to Prompt Engineering Roles?

Future computer science students may not need to focus as much on learning coding, according to Vivek Nashar, CEO of testing company HackerRank. He suggests that knowing how to code will be more about interacting with the system and understanding its limitations.

However, the requirements may not be that simple. Bloomberg's researcher role requires a PhD in code synthesis, information retrieval, natural language processing, or deep learning research.


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