The challenge of writing prompts for ChatGPT or MidJourney

Explore the challenges of writing prompts for ChatGPT or midjourney and learn how to improve your prompts.

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10 Exciting Applications of ChatGPT-4 Technology

Discover 10 exciting use cases for ChatGPT-4 and learn how it can benefit various industries and individuals.

Google's Leap Forward: New AI Innovations and Upgrades Announced at Google I/O

In this post, we explore the recent advancements Google has made in the field of artificial intelligence, as announced at the Google I/O event.

Bloomberg is Hiring GPT Experts with Salaries of $295k+

Bloomberg initiates hiring for its Large Language Model (LLM), Bloomberg GPT, amidst a surge in demand for Chat-GPT expertise in the financial services sector.

Guide to Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is an emerging field dedicated to optimizing prompts for the effective use of Large Language Models. We provide a comprehensive guide to this important area.

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